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Sudoku Solver


The Japanese phrase “Su-ji wa dokushin ni kagiru” which means that the “number should remain single or unmarried” iscommonlyknown today as Sudoku . The original name was used by Nikolion release in 1984 in Japan. Nikoli had to make alterations to such alengthy name and later settled for Sudoku which is much easier on thetongue.

A numberfrustrated people have been on the look out for aSudoku Solver, the software assists the user in solving the puzzle. Getting a Sudoku Solver is very helpful especially for beginners whilst getting to grips with this puzzle. Although the problem will be far from straightforward for most users to solve, an average home computer will be able find the solution in less than a second.The goal of a Su Doku problem is to complete the published grid so that no number appears more than once in any row, column or 3×3sub-grid.

A Sudoku Solver is a clever piece of software that offers a chance to control the solution to the puzzle and will show suggestions as you go step by step with the sudoku solver. This software has become somewhat addictive once you get used to it.

A well-known solver is created by Gwerdy. This software offers you some pretty good solutions to solve the puzzle and can act as a good guide as to how a single value can help you solve the puzzle.

On occasions, the Sudoku Solver cannot totally solve the problem for you and when this happens you will be required to tick ‘unknown’ which will display some values that will give you a better chance of doing well.

There are a number of other major Sudoku puzzle solvers such as Sudoku Susser and Sudoku Dragon to name a few. Despite that fact, the solver is still a good choice. Try Sudoku Solving Techniques and discover how to solve any Sudoku puzzle. This is a step by step video tutorial guide for those who are serious about stimulating their brain.


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Within this guide you will learn:

Sudoku Basics Techniques

  • Rules Of Sudoku
  • Concepts And Terminology
  • Single Choice (Naked Singles)
  • Candidates
  • Scanning
  • Elimination

Intermediate Sudoku Techniques

  • Naked Pairs
  • Naked Triplets
  • Naked Quadruplet
  • Hidden Pairs
  • Hidden Triplets
  • Interaction Part 1 (Locked Candidates)
  • Interaction Part 2 (Locked Candidates)

Advanced Sudoku Techniques

  • X Wing – Column Variation
  • X Wing – Row Variation
  • SwordFish – Column Variation
  • SwordFish – Row Variation
  • JellyFish
  • XY Wing
  • XYZ Wing
  • WXYZ Wing

Very Advanced for the Addict

  • Linked Pairs
  • Grid Coloring Part 1
  • Grid Coloring Part 2
  • Multicolors Part 1
  • Multicolors Part 2
  • Bilocation Graphs
  • Nishio (Guessing And Backtracking)


Sudoku Solving Techniques will offer a better logical analysis and help you get to the correct values.


sudoku728x90 Sudoku Solver

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