Rubik’s cube former world record – Average of 5 – 8.52

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Done at the NZ championships 2010

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  1. sedmoport says:

    I’ve still been working? on one cube for three years. Is that the worlds slowest time?

  2. missannacole says:

    love those tables?

  3. kennykart123 says:

    whoa i thought they were? going to solve the table!

  4. supercoolmunkee says:

    OMG I can’t beat that. He’s too shitty? fast. I’m only trying to remember how to do F2L, OLL, and PLL

  5. samchoochiu says:

    where u not color? neutral at the time?

  6. MycroDomin says:

    God do you have arthritis yet??

  7. vokuheila says:

    psh. this is nothing. my personal best is 7.5 ….. weeks?

  8. SkepticPhysx says:


  9. Skatercccc says:

    What method do they use for such speed, my best with? begginers is 1.36 minutes, i want to be faster

  10. ChrisHoffmannStudios says:

    @Skatercccc practice. i used to think i was good when i got 2:30 and now i think i suck with a average of like 30-40 seconds. but if you want to learn? a faster method learn F2L and 2-look OLL and PLL

  11. Skatercccc says:

    Thanks BUd,? i’ll keep on practising

  12. freesaylorxOx says:

    he? was born with a cube in his hands…

  13. Dunlop671 says:

    I love it when speedcubers hands and fingers starting like? twitching when they solve because the cube can’t spin fast enough.

  14. Dunlop671 says:

    lol when he was conceived the sperm cell had a rubiks cube with it,? he used the cube to past the time.

  15. IvanDo0m says:

    first 22 secs… he got disturbed by that hot lady? :D

  16. Omatollis says:

    since white stands out a little more than yellow I’d? say that it’s a good idea to use white for OLL and PLL.

  17. standupjokers says:

    I don’t get? it he isn’t asian

  18. WhatDoYouThink90 says:

    @Skatercccc He? uses a method called CFOP which stands for Cross – F2L – OLL – PLL in total that is 114 algorithms assuming you learn Algorithmic F2L which a lot of people don’t use. They use the “Intuitive” variant of F2L, which requires no algorithms. However, OLL has 52 Algorithms, and PLL has 21 Algorithms.

  19. Skatercccc says:

    Thanks for explaining, i use fridrich methid for F2L and the begginer method for OLL AND PLL, and my best time is 59 seconds, it would just mess my brain if i use 52 algorithms, that’s too many? :D

  20. InfernoImps says:

    I am? officially fail

  21. tennisman95 says:

    he? looks nervous during the solves!

  22. Vojife says:

    LoL,? there’s no point of going to a competition when Feliks Zemdegs is there. =D

  23. feepque says:

    This would look impressive even if he didn’t solve? them.

  24. adnh311 says:

    @Omatollis LOL when I started reading your comment I thought you were talking about? that that he isn’t asian XD

  25. Omatollis says:

    @adnh311? lol, fuckin halarious.

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