How to Solve the Rubik’s Cube: Fridrich Method Intuitive F2L

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Topics: How To Complete A Rubix Cube

This is a video on how to solve the F2L (Steps 2 and 3 of beginners method) in one step, using no algoritms. Cross Video: Next video in the series: 2-Look OLL

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  1. 69chevycamaroz28 says:

    I fucking? give up.

  2. psychobear10 says:

    Does this? really help solve fastter

  3. monkeydude1313 says:

    @sltgwt Thanks ^^ I try so? hard to make tutorials for you guys and I’m glad to see people are enjoying them! =D

  4. ipodtouchacker says:

    how do u make? the white corner pieces match up with a pair????

  5. Deshkey200 says:

    This really helped me? it ruduced my time from 1:10 and alot of working to 0:40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. XxAkshoNxX says:

    Holy shit, I’m so confused. I’m sticking with the beginner method.?

  7. koskela15 says:

    i’ve seen a lot fridrich method tutorials and i did’nt understand anything but you’re video is way much better than the other ones. i like that you used black pieces? it helped me understand a lot! :D
    THANK YOU so much!! :D

  8. Goso321 says:

    Hands Down the best f2l tutorial on? Youtube.

  9. Ahmedcito1 says:

    You are? very good man .. you explained it very well … Do you think with this Methode I can get my time less than 30 sec ??

  10. monkeydude1313 says:

    @Ahmedcito1 Very easily =] Once you practice and know what you’re doing you will see a drastic drop in? your times.

  11. balllinnnn98 says:

    please? answer pm’s i want the F2

  12. AdamantRvs81 says:

    @ssscjn XD, made? my day.

  13. GussInCube says:

    hi monkeydude1313 i have a question for you, how you can get a good times in F2L?, my F2L is? so slow and i cant get good times.

  14. manojmanjunath102 says:

    superb…….best f2l video in youtube ?

  15. ssscjn says:

    cool I have a top? comment!

  16. SuperMicrodude says:

    Dude! You’re? Awesome!!!

  17. CreepMaciejTVPL says:

    This tutorial is too long. It should be? shorter. It’s just a few cases -.-

  18. ThaNotSoEpicGeek says:

    this? is great

  19. joenev9 says:

    my average is about 50 second using? beginner method, but just starting with this i’m at about a 1:10 average. I can tell this is going to help once i get this down.

  20. djookenfold says:

    your tutorials? are great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Zzrock4 says:

    Amazing? tutorial… im just so overwhelmed! not your fault though

  22. pittlord6 says:

    realy good? tutorial

  23. AlienSpike415 says:

    finally a tutorial that actually helps. with beginers method i set my personal best? of 41.66. im hoping all the time going into learning this method will get me down to about 30 or less.

  24. TheAstonishedMC says:

    Nice tutorial, well explained,? helped alot, thanks.

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