How To Solve A 3X3 Rubiks Cube For Beginners – PLL

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Topics: How To Solve A Rubix Cube For Beginners

Facebook Skype name – CrazyBadCuber Corners Algorithm R’ FR’ B2 RF’ R’ B2 R2 Edges Algorithm L2 U’ BF’ L2 B’ FU’ L2 In this video we concentrate on learning how to permute the last layer of the cube. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave comments or send PM’s. Thanks.

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  1. goggleboy06 says:

    i already know this but i still watch your videos because your awesome ?

  2. crazybadcuber says:

    @cubingmaniac LOL yeah, most people can tell that this is a video for very beginners to learn to do PLL. I’m sure when you started learning to solve the rubiks cube, you were taught one algorithm that you used as well. If you couldn’t tell that this was made for beginners then you should watch the video again. this obviously wasn’t made for people who are? more advanced lol

  3. crazybadcuber says:

    @cubingmaniac Also, I know all of the PLL’s. If I was doing more? than a beginners lesson here I would have shown them all.

  4. weberanium says:

    @crazybadcuber that pll alg for edges you could have fix that with

    M2 U M2 U2 M2 U M2

    That would? have fix all the edges

  5. crazybadcuber says:

    @weberanium I know all of? my PLL’s. This is a tutorial for very beginners

  6. cubingmaniac says:

    @crazybadcuber ok. Well nice tutorial on beginners pll. Did u come up with that by yourself? If you did..? that’s pretty impressive!

  7. crazybadcuber says:

    @cubingmaniac well? I just thought of the easiest to understand way to solve a rubiks cube and made that =)

  8. SporeCoreMore says:

    would full pll and oll reduce my times?
    Using this method with F2L i average about? 40 seconds with a best of 27

  9. crazybadcuber says:

    @SporeCoreMore yes full? OLL and PLL will reduce your time. Maybe not at first because you have to wait until the algorithms have become really comfortable and is all muscle memory, but in time for sure. I recommend learning 2 look OLL first because it’s only 7 algs and I guarantee you already know 1 or more of them. Then learn PLL, then OLL.

  10. svderubiks says:

    4:28 I? found an algo that makes all of the edges switch with the opposite ones. That will get your cube solved.
    It is: F2 R2 D2 (Then cube rotation so that front becomes bottom) then 2U 2L (times 3)
    then undo the cube rotation and do: 2D 2R 2F
    Try it out it really works! Thumbs up!

  11. SporeCoreMore says:

    @crazybadcuber thanks for your reply!?

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