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Fun With Figures is an amazing new e-book that teaches simple techniques for solving math problems in your head. Here is a book that can give you the ability to impress your friends by quickly answering math questions, with the correct answers, right off the top of your head. This e-book will teach you the little known secret techniques used to solve multiplication, addition and subtraction problems without a calculator, and be able to get the correct answer every time. These little tricks are simple quotations to store in your mind, and use to mentally solve every kind of math problem.

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One of the many techniques in the Fun With Figures e-book is the technique that teaches you to answer any double-digit multiplication problem in seconds. Using the method found in this e-book, you can snap off answers as quick as they can be asked to complex mutliplications problems. For instance, to what is 12 x 38, this e-book gives you the mental shortcut needed to be able to answer, “456,” before anyone can blink their eye. Be the amazing math genius you’ve always wanted to be with this e-book of aphorisms that simplifies the concept of long division, multiplication and even algebra!

These aphorisms, or short, easy to remember phrases are applied to each type of math problem, enabling you to work any math problem out without having to use calculators, or even to think about it very long. These quotes make it easy to add and subtract in your head in just a single step. Once you learn all these aphorisms, you will be on your way to improving your math ability, increasing your concentration and impressing just about everyone you know. Cool maths games Fun With Figures is full of simple techniques, quick easy steps, and shortcuts to knowing the answer to every math calculation thrown at you.

Fun With Figures will help you un-learn all the older and conventional ways of solving math problems, and replace them with a new concept of using simple phrases to come up with the correct answer quickly. This useful phrase is useful in helping you remember the technique needed to solve the math problem. The techniques include re-learning maths with a new left to right technique. The old way you previously were taught, right to left, has always made maths solving unnatural and difficult. This left to right technique is easy, more natural, and brings math solving out of the dark and into the light.

Yes, Fun With Figures will actually make a lightbulb go off in your head as you see how easy it is to calculate all math problems mentally, and without all the old tools you once thought it took. Just by following easy to understand instructions, and remembering the basic phrases given in the e-book, you will soon be solving even the most difficult math problems in your head.


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The e-book is small, with 52 pages, and comes with additional training software that will mentally challenge your brain, and help you solve math problems quickly and correctly. Fun With FIgures teaches you how to double-check your accounting problems, your business invoices and even your incoming bills with only a single number. Like a good magic trick, the math solving techniques of this e-book, can be educational and entertaining. The e-book includes several one-step techniques to do many math problems in your head, like subtracting into the thousands without having to ‘carry the one’. Known as the “all from nine, the last from ten”, aphorism, you will learn to subtract 384 from 1000, and get 616 as your answer in seconds, all in your head.

Everyone, from ages eight to eighty, who loves math, or just wants to conquer it, will love this new math concept of doing easy to difficult math in their heads by learning simple techniques. It’s a book that is getting rave reviews. Students have called it “a confidence builder”, and “memory booster”. Homeschooling parent, T.H. writes, “I am very happy to have come across this fascinating book.” While Fun With Figures may take some time to fully grasp, once you do, you will be fascinated by your mind’s ability to do math mentally and be right every time.

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English | ISBN 1902517016 | 2009 | PDF | 5.7 Mb Is It Math Or Magic? Brilliant Mental Math Short Cuts That Will Amaze Everyone! Fun With Figures is for those who think they are no good at maths.

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Discover some really simple but highly effective techniques that will teach your child to do math in her head. Plus, it truly will help your child understand how math works.

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